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Who Speaks For Your House?

  • Posted on Jun 6, 2014
In Joshua 24:15, there are recorded these familiar words, “As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord.”
Somebody speaks for every household.  Somebody establishes the values of every household.  Somebody decides what will and will not be done in every household.  Somebody is the leader and the recognized authority in every household.
In the words above, Joshua is clear about who that person is in his household.  He says unequivocally, “as for me and my house. . .”  In these days when we see families failing all around us, it is so necessary that we have strong Christ-centered men and women leading the household.  Nowhere is leadership more important than in our households.
The values our children learn are first learned at home, and unfortunately, we don’t teach sound Christian values at home as once we did.
To be the leader of your household you must model out your faith and not just talk about it.  Joshua said, “as for me. . .” He makes sure that he is committed first before requiring a commitment of his household.  More than being told what to do, we need to be shown what to do.  A lesson is better caught than taught.
It is easier to get people to take you more seriously when they see you living what you’re requiring of them.
Live a godly lifestyle before your household and when you speak they will listen.
Be Blessed