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  • Posted on Oct 13, 2020

For many years I have pondered the scripture in Matthew 1:15 where he quotes Hosea 11:1 “….out of Egypt have I called my son.” I have wanted to preach a sermon on this text, but I could never quite get the meaning of it or get the keen spiritual insight that is required to expound on any scripture in a meaningful way. But just out of the blue, the Spirit triggered it in me. I got the necessary revelation to speak with authority about the meaning of this phrase. I was just walking around in the office and it just popped into my consciousness: “Deliverance from bondage! Out of Egypt have I called my son.” That’s how the spirit speaks to me.

And of course, I immediately said, “That’s it!” It’s deliverance from bondage! That’s why Jesus was born; to become our Deliverer; to become our Great Liberator; to set the captives free to emancipate us from sin.

The Jews to whom Matthew wrote would understand this. Egypt was a despised and hated place to them. They had been oppressed there for 400 years until God sent Moses to lead them out of Egypt, out of the place of bondage.

The gift God gives you is spiritual freedom. Some of us have lived most of our life in bondage of one sort or another: sex, cigarettes, alcohol, closed mindedness, gossiping, and so on. To hear God’s call in your life is first and foremost to be called out of bondage or to state the principle another way, it is the call to be set free!

You do not have to live in bondage of any kind. Jesus is the new Moses! He came to set us free from whatever would keep us from becoming all God would have us be. “If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed” (John 8:36). Hallelujah! Thank God almighty we’re free at last!