It’s hard to look around these days to see all the things that are happening without asking ourselves the question,”Why doesn’t somebody do something?”

Whatever the problem is that you’re addressing, it could be that you are that “somebody”! It’s for sure that there is a dire need for leadership in all areas of our lives from home to City Hall. And yet, despite this glaring need, we’re prone to exempt ourselves.

No matter what the problem is more times than not we feel we don’t have what it takes to solve the problem.

Well, I want to raise another question, “Why not you?” It could be that the reason you’re concerned about this issue is that God is calling you to be the one He wants to use to resolve it.

You may recall from our study Experiencing God that the author pointed out that God speaks to us through circumstances. Believe it or not, not everybody cares what’s going on around us. Most people, I submit, don’t see and don’t care.

You care! That’s why you should simply stop thinking about it and step up to the plate and say something and do something to make a difference.

When God told Moses to go tell Pharoah to let His people go, Moses asked God, “Who me?” And God said, “Yes, you!” Moses came up with all kinds of excuses as to why he was not capable of taking on such a huge task. But God said to Moses that it was not his ability that was important, but His reliance on God that would assure him success.

We’re always looking at our shortcomings and using them as the basis of our failure to act. What we must remember is that what we lack, God supplies!

God is calling you to stand and deliver! If He has put it in your heart that somebody needs to do something, He is also trying to let you know that that somebody is you!

Who me? Yes, you! Why not you? Or better still, if not you, then who? C’mon now, somebody needs to say something and do something! That somebody is YOU!

Be blessed