I don’t know if you paid it any attention or not, but Ash Wednesday (this past Wednesday) was beautiful! It was like a spring day. The sun was shining. The snow was almost melted. It was a steamy 37 degrees! This was great compared to the weather we had been having.

The thought that occurred to me as I reflected on the beauty of that day was that it was the first day of the Lenten season. This is the highest and holiest season in the Christian’s life. It culminates with Resurrection Sunday which is the foundation of our faith.

And renewal and resurrection is what our faith is all about. Just like we passed from those cold snowy bone chilling days to the bright sunshiny day, God is reminding us that He still has the power to bring things back from the dead! He renews our spirits. He resurrects our hopes. He gives us a new dawn and a bright new sunshiny day.

Whatever you’re experiencing that has you down, or has caused you to give up, turn it over to God He will bring it back to life! The whole message of our faith is that God raises the dead – dead hopes, dead dreams, dead emotions, dead relationships, and so on.

That’s what that beautiful day in the midst of winter came to tell us: that renewal and resurrection are available to us.

“Now is Christ risen from the dead.” – I Corinthians 15:

Be blessed