The challenging and difficult times through which we are passing have caused a spirit of depression to settle over us. Like never before, people seem hopeless about their future, and worst of all, they don’t know what to do about it.

 The value of our faith is that God intended it to be real for such times as these. We really don’t experience the power of our faith until we find ourselves in a crisis that we simply don’t have the power, spiritual or material resources to deal with.

 As long as everything is going well for us, it’s easy to believe. It’s when things get tough, unmanageable, and seem irreversible that we need to know the power of our faith.

 In St. Mark 9: 23, Jesus met a man like this. This man had done all he could do to save his son. He had reached the point where he didn’t know if he even believed that his son could get better. But Jesus’ word to him was, “Only believe. All things are possible to those who believe.”

 That is God’s word to us today. It does not matter what you’re going through, or how hopeless the situation you’re facing, don’t give up hope. Only believe!

 Faith is not faith in good times. Faith is only faith when you’re facing a challenge. To activate your faith, you must believe. Only believe. Only believe. All things are possible if you only believe!

 Be blessed