There are a number of people who start their day out by rushing. They rush to get up and get dressed. They rush to get to work on time. They rush through their work. They rush home. And by the time their day ends, they’re dead tired and ready to fall asleep so they can get up and start rushing all over again.

How do you start your day? That is an important question because, how we start our day determines our mood and outlook through the day.

A day is to be received as a new gift from God. We live our lives one day at a time. We pursue our goals one day at a time. Life is to be enjoyed one day at a time.

How shameful it would be if we lived a whole lifetime and got so rushed and stressed that we never took time to enjoy the world around us, beyond us, and the people and wonders that populate that world.

In Psalms 5:3, the Psalmist gives us a prescription on how to start our day. He says we like he ought to begin every day by seeking God’s presence! The first thing we ought to do when our eyes open in the morning is to greet God! “My voice shall thou hear in the morning, O Lord.”

Get up early enough so that you have some quality time to spend with God before you leave out to go to work, or to face life’s duties and challenges. Tell Him thank you for waking you up! While you were sound asleep, no harm came to you.

The Psalmist says we are to start every day with a hopeful outlook: in the morning I will look up! Don’t start your day by listenening to all the depressing news. It impacts your spirit. Don’t start your day by thinking about all you’ve got to do. It makes you tired. Start your day by looking up! Whatever you have to face, God is going to face it with you. When you focus on Him, you start out with peace in your spirit.

A new day is a new day of opportunity-not just a day to get something, do something, or add another trophy to your awards case. It is an opportunity to experience life as it is intended to be lived: by being in fellowship with and walking with God.

Seek His presence in the morning. That’s how you ought to start every day.

Be blessed