One of the most astonishing verses in the whole Bible is found in (John 14:12) where Jesus said to His disciples, “greater works than these you will do.” Considering the miraculous things Jesus did, it is inconceivable that He would have such great and lofty expectations of us.

Through His own life and work, Jesus demonstrated that great things can be done. Just consider how supremely His name reigns throughout the earth. Just think about all the acts of kindness that are performed in His name from minute to minute. Think of all the churches and ministries that exist in His name. Just consider all the real estate that is owned for some cause representing His name!

We are accustomed to thinking of Jesus as doing great things. We expect Him to heal us when we’re sick. We expect Him to make a way for us to make our ends meet. We expect great things of Him; we just don’t expect much of ourselves.

Oddly enough, Jesus looks at us with a sense of great expectations. He sees the tremendous potential we have. He sees the un-utilized ability within us. He knows the vast capacity we have. And He wants to summons all our potential, our capacity, and our ability for the cause of building His Kingdom.

Just like we expect great things of Him, He knows what we’re capable of; and so, He expects great things of us.

If we would be honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that we’re not doing nearly what we could do if we were serious about God and His Kingdom. The real issue for us is not that we can’t – for whatever the reason, we just won’t.

Our deepest desire ought to be to live up to God’s expectations of us. As He has done and continues to do great things for us, we ought to strive with all that is within us to do great things for Him!

Live better! Serve more faithfully. Do more! Take on greater challenges! Step up your game in every area of your life. Do great things! With God all things are possible.

Be blessed