Usually when we hear about spiritual gifts, we think only in terms of healing or speaking in tongues. These are what somebody has called the showcase gifts. They are dramatic and spectacular. And there is something about human nature that is drawn to the dramatic and the spectacular.

 These aside, there are about 26 spiritual gifts listed in the Bible. They are not all dramatic and spectacular in the immediate result they produce, but properly understood and utilized, they produce long term dramatic and spectacular results.

 Take the gift of helps for example. It means just what it appears to mean; the ability and willingness to help others in a good work. This is not attractive, or dramatic and spectacular at the outset, but over time it ends in a deep sense of reward.

 Every believer has been endowed by God with some spiritual gift(s). It is important for every believer to know what spiritual gifts are, and which gifts they possess because it is how God uses you to minister for Him in the church and in the lives of others.

 Each one of us has been uniquely, spiritually hard-wired by God to serve His purposes. Knowing how God has gifted us gives us a deeper sense of fulfillment as a member of the church (the Body of Christ), and to be more intentional about what we do and don’t do in the church.

 In I Corinthians 12:4, St. Paul says, “There are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit.” He is letting us know that each of us has a spiritual gift that we have received from God and that He expects us to use it to build up the church.

 Come to Bible Study! Learn what these gifts are, and more importantly, learn how God has gifted you. It will liberate you spiritually!

 Be blessed