“Be watchful” is a warning that we must watch our weaknesses. Left unchecked, our weaknesses can embarrass us, cause us great loss; even end up destroying us. How many people do you know who have lost it all because in a careless un-guarded moment, their weakness consumed them and exposed their raw humanity? Look at John Edwards! A man who would be president, but he took his weakness for granted!

The devil loves it when we take our weaknesses for granted; when we just assume we’ve got it under control and we really don’t. He’ll use it against us to destroy our lives.

“Be watchful” also warns us that we must watch our strengths. We can never assume we’ve got it made. We have to watch our strengths; the things that made us who we are. Somebody should have told Allen Iverson that practice is what made him! We never get so good that we don’t need to practice and prepare. Our skills will erode if we take them for granted and we’ll lose our stuff!

I knew a person who thought he was all of that, a bag of chips, and the dip to dip the chips in. He thought that of himself, but when he walked away, people would say of him, “He ain’t all of that!” Watch your strengths! Keep strengthening your strength! Keep pumping that spiritual iron, or you’ll get flabby!

No matter how long we live, we never have it made. We never reach a point where we can just quit and sit down; that is, not until we see His feet kiss the clouds. And not until we hear that voice like the sound of many waters say, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a few things. I will make you ruler over many.” (St. Matthew 25:21)

Wake up! Be watchful!