In Bible Study for the past several weeks; we have been studying the Seven Churches of Asia Minor found in chapters two and three in the book of Revelations.

It is an interesting study that challenges us to look at what God considers to be a spiritually healthy church, what He considers to be a spiritually un-healthy church and what He expects us to be and do in order to make our lives and our church spiritually healthy.

This past week, we focused on the Church at Sardis. Aside from the other strong messages contained in that section, one of the admonitions God issued to them was, “Be watchful!” (Revelations 3:2)

Those words struck me. Those words haunted me. They haunt me still. “Be watchful!”

As we learned, those words carried a strong and specific message to the Sardians, but they carry an equally strong warning to us. Simply put, those words warn us to not take our lives for granted.

Whether we admit it or not, we do have a tendency to take our lives for granted. This is why we stop growing. We reach a certain point in our lives and we lull ourselves into thinking that we have arrived.

We stop putting forth the necessary effort to reach goals and objectives. We stop planning. We stop studying. We stop praying. In short, we allow our lives to fall into a dull pattern of sameness that over time erodes our skills and spiritual sensitivity.

Jesus’ word to be watchful means that we must stay alert, relevant, and on the cutting edge. We must always be striving to better our best. We must always be trying to climb to some higher height.

To be continued…