Essentially, there are two groups of people who make financial contributions to the church: donors and disciples. Donors are those persons who make a contribution from time to time. They may give in response to a a specific appeal, or to support a specific project, but in the main they give as little as they can; and to boot, they give inconsistently.

By contrast, a disciple is committed to the cause of the Kingdom. They give consistently. They tithe and they give offerings to support the overall ministry of the church.

A disciple may be a donor, but a donor is not a disciple.

Believe it or not, Jesus observes our giving and has already determined into which group each one of us falls. In St. Mark 12:41f, we are told that Jesus sat over against the treasury and observed how people gave. He still does. And just as He classified those givers into donors and disciples, so too does He classify us. The widow He classified as a disciple because she gave all she had.

That’s the meaning of discipleship: giving our total self to God. When we surrender ourselves, giving becomes easy.

It is not more donors, but more disciples we need. It is not donors, but disciples who build the Kingdom. If you’re just a donor, pray that God will speak into your spirit and strengthen you to take the faith step to become a disciple.

Disciples experience the full joy of God’s grace.

Be blessed