I was asked by a sincere young lady the other week to pray that God would help her to at least get a “C” on a test she was about to take in one of her classes. Upon hearing this request, I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be offended. I gathered myself enough to ask her, “Why would anybody ask God to give them a “C”? I concluded by saying to her, “I will not ask God to give you a “C”. I will ask Him to help you get an “A” and you must now go and do what you have to do in order to receive that “A”. She hasn’t given me the results of the test yet.

Her request of me brought to mind, however, that in too many instances these are the kinds of prayers we pray and the kind of requests we make of God. We pray too many just get me by prayers!

We have so little because a little is all we ask!

Our prayer life is not the dynamic experience that it could be because we’re not giving God enough faith to work with. Too many of our prayers do nothing but waste God’s time!

God fills up whatever the capacity of our faith we bring to Him. If we bring Him a thimble to be filled, a thimble full of blessings is all we will receive. If we bring Him the capacity the size of the Pacific Ocean. A Pacific Ocean full of blessings is what we will receive.

What do you have the capacity to believe God for is the issue!

The writer of the book of Hebrews put it this way, “Come boldly before the throne of grace. . .” – Hebrews 4:16. In other words, don’t waste God’s time by asking Him to do something that’s so small and average that you insult His miraculous ability! Ask for something that only an omnipotent God can do! Anybody can get a “C”! You can get a “C” without studying or trying! But God can give you the secret to the theory upon which the subject matter is based! He created all this stuff!

God rewards bold faith! He honors bold requests! He says, “Don’t take His name in vain!” – Exodus 20:7.

You will receive only what you have the capacity to believe! Pray bold prayers! God is able to do exceedingly!

Be blessed