The emergence of the internet has changed the game of life. As Thomas Friedman points out in his book, THE WORLD IS FLAT, the amalgam of all the new technologies has made it possible for anybody to talk to anybody else anywhere in the world at anytime.
Never before has it been possible to be so connected to each other.

This also means that every person in the world is a potential customer for whatever product or service you have to offer. You no longer have to have a building or a couple of years financing to get started. Now it’s as simple as creating a website and sending a message out into the infinite reaches of cyberspace.

This is true of a worship services from a local church all the way to selling bull dozers! Any product or service can now be sold 24-7-365, all around the world!

This opportunity also means that customers are becoming more sophisticated than ever before. Just as entrepreneurs are marketing to customers worldwide, customers are comparing bargains worldwide.

They no longer have to settle for just anything. They can now compare product to product, service to service, decide for themselves which they think is best and seal the deal.

What this means is that average is no longer acceptable! You can’t just do anything and expect to get over! People don’t have to accept your service or product now. They have more choices than ever before!

This also holds true for churches. People shop for churches like they do for other products. Churches are stepping up their game. They’re providing more sophisticated ministries, more expansive services, higher quality sermons and music – all to grab their share of the religious market! We can’t just settle and become comfortable with tradition. We have to serve this present age our calling to fulfill. We have to learn new techniques, new ways of doing old things, and most of all develop an outgoing spirit!

Jesus said to His disciples on a day when they were boasting about themselves, “What do you more than others?” (St. Matthew 5:47). He was saying to them and us that average is over! If all we’re doing is what others are doing, there is no reward.

Step up your game! Be better than the best! The shores of mediocrity are overcrowded, head for the top!

Be blessed