Let me state from the outset that I love prayer. I love the idea of it. I love the idea that I can go to God and talk to Him about anything and that He in turn, talks back to me. He shows me things that I cannot conceive with my own mind and imagination.

 I love the practice of prayer. I love my quiet times when I just sit and meditate on God’s Word and have Him reveal its truth to me. The insights that He shares with me about His Word are so penetrating and spiritually elevated that I cannot put them into words. I love the refreshment that my soul feels when I am in prayer and after I go back to my daily duties. I feel fresh. I feel empowered. I feel like a winner.

 Prayer is the same thing as breathing is to me. Aside from those formal times when I sit before God, I am really praying all the time. In my car; in the pulpit during worship itself, in the mayor’s office. Wherever I am and no matter what I’m doing, I am praying. I like the feeling it generates in my soul.

 When I think about the necessity of prayer, however, I am struck that it is often difficult to get other people to engage in this spiritual discipline. I want everybody to experience what I experience when I engage in prayer.

 When you think of GCBC what do you think of? If you do not think of GCBC as a house of prayer, your conception, no matter how noble, is still less than it should be. Jesus said in Matthew 21:13: “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.”

 Above all things else and to the exclusion of everything else, GCBC should be a house of prayer. I am not talking about a prayer ministry. A prayer ministry is just another option that we give to people who have prayer as an area of interest. I am talking about a powerful house of prayer where everybody prays with power and we see powerful results. God answers prayer.

 Prayer is the answer for what’s missing in your life. Commit to pray. God wants GCBC to be His mighty house of prayer!!!

 Be blessed