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Managing God’s Way

  • Posted on May 16, 2014
One of the reasons we get ourselves into financial and relationship crisis is that we do not manage these aspects of our lives according to God’s Word. Unfortunately, nobody sits us down at any point in our life and says, “This is what God wants you to do with your money; in this kind of relationship, etc.” We are basically indoctrinated to manage our lives based on the values of the world. And the values of the world are in direct contradiction to the values of the Kingdom of God.
As Christ-centered people, however, we are expected to manage our lives God’s way if we expect to reap the benefits of being His disciples. It all begins with a way of thinking. The first mental attitude is that we must acknowledge that God is owner of everything. This is a different way of thinking because the world indoctrinates us to think that we are owners.
The Kingdom of God’s value system says God is owner of everything and He entrusts certain things to us. Our responsibility then is to be a good steward or manager of what God entrusts to us. To know how to manage our lives for God, we need to study His Word. The more we know about His Word, the more we are able to understand His will. Knowing His will helps us to understand how He wants us to manage our lives so they reflect His glory.
In Luke 16:2, Jesus tells a parable in which a steward is called into accountability “. . . give an account of your stewardship. . .”. This is an experience we will all encounter. Whatever God entrusts to us, He is going to hold us accountable for how we lived and used it. God wants us to manage our lives His way.
Be blessed