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Just A Passenger

  • Posted on Jul 13, 2014

I am sure most of us have seen the bumper sticker that says, ”Jesus is my co-pilot”. It suggests that we are actually in the pilot’s seat guiding the plane (our life), and Jesus is in the seat next to us just in case we get tired or something and decide to turn things over to Him.

Unfortunately, this is the attitude about life that a lot of us have. We act as though we are actually in charge and we use our relationship with Jesus only when we get in trouble and really need His help.

In reality, it is closer to the truth to say that we are the passenger and Jesus is the One in the driver’s seat. This perspective requires us to see life as a journey. On a journey, we experience many things. Sometimes the weather changes. Sometimes we stop to eat. Sometimes we stop to rest. Sometimes it’s daylight. Sometimes it’s pitch dark. Nevertheless, through all of these experiences we are still moving towards our destination.

Realizing that we are the passenger and Jesus is the One in the driver’s seat, helps us to recognize that life is a journey because it means that we can relax and enjoy it rather than always frustrating ourselves by trying to control it. Most of the frustration we experience comes from the fact that we feel we don’t have everything under control.

Jesus said, “I am the way. . .” (St. John 14:6). This implies that by following Him, life becomes the enjoyable and fulfilling experience it was designed by God to be. He wants us to enjoy this journey. But this can only happen when we recognize that He’s in the driver’s seat and we’re in the passenger’s seat. Don’t worry about where you’re going. Jesus is the Way. So kick back and enjoy the journey. He knows where He’s going. And He knows where He’s taking you.

Be blessed.