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Don’t Bury Your Idea

  • Posted on Feb 24, 2015

The culture has conditioned us to take for granted the great gifts God has given to us. There are times when we look at what people are doing to make millions and we can’t help but say to ourselves, “I could do that.” It is true. We could do that – whatever “that” is. The problem is that we didn’t think of it. The other person did. All we do is get on board. It doesn’t matter how stupid it is, if it becomes fashionable, we jump on board. Take Post-Its as an example. It’s just a square of paper used to record a note and has a fourth inch of glue at the top so it sticks wherever you want it. (I’m making it sound more complex than it is). It’s simple and practical. That’s the power of a good idea.

The problem is we underestimate our own ideas. Ideas are powerful; if pursued! According to legend, an apple fell from a tree and thumped Isaac Newton on the head and from that ordinary event came the laws of gravity. Now he could simply have rubbed his head and walked away. But no, there was more to that apple falling from the tree than we usually suppose. As a result of this simple ordinary event, Newton pursued his inquisitiveness and now we understand why what goes up must come down.

In these days when a job as we have traditionally understood it no longer exists, we’re going to have to come up with our own ideas to provide for ourselves.

Jesus tells the story of a man who was given a talent by God. The only thing he could think to do with it was to bury it in the ground. He looked at it and against the larger back drop of life it seemed so insignificant that the only thing he could think to do with it was to bury it.

Unfortunately, that’s what most of us do with our talents and ideas. We think so little of them that we bury them. We’re always asking God for money or something else, but sometimes God’s answer is to give us an idea. Ideas are money! Don’t bury them. Pursue them. Develop them. Implement them. It’s a big world out there. Work your idea. Somebody’s waiting to jump on board.

Be blessed