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A Christian Philosophy Of Life

  • Posted on Oct 19, 2014

Whether or not we take the time to identify and put it into language, all of us have a philosophy of life. There is a guiding principle that governs our life; that shapes our attitude and inspires our behavior.

Whatever will be, will be. If it feels good, do it! Every tub has to stand on its own bottom. When you’re dead, you’re done! Eat, drink, and be merry. These are short statements in and of themselves, but they contain a particular philosophy of life. Whether they have taken the time to analyze it or not, some people live their life based on one of these statements.
It is a worthwhile endeavor to take some time and reflect long enough to come to a solid understanding of our own philosophy of life. It may not seem possible, and yet it is true that all Christians do not necessarily have a “Christian” philosophy of life; there are carnal Christians and there are spiritual Christians.
Discovering our philosophy of life is an important exercise because if we are not truly living a Christian way of life, we are denying ourselves the privilege of experiencing the fulfillment of the promises of God.

A Christian philosophy of life is intrinsically positive in its outlook. Paul said in Philippians 4:13; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This statement does not simply have reference to our ability to achieve and accomplish. It also has reference to our ability to endure the hard and difficult experiences of life.
When Christ is the source of our strength, He empowers us to endure and to achieve. This is the difference between the statements above and this gem from the scriptures. The statements above are self-centered; and as such, they are based on a dim view of life. Paul’s philosophy of life encapsulated in these words is Christ centered and removes from us all hindrances and barriers. We have a great Christ who empowers us to be more than conquerors. Base your life on the truth and experience of these words and see what a difference it will make in your outlook, attitude, and behavior.

Be Blessed.