All Greater Christ members and friends are asked to give a Resurrection Offering which is a sacrificial gift that is contributed no later than Resurrection Sunday, April 8, 2012 (Easter). This year we hope our gifts will exceed $60,000. Monies contributed will be used for the following building improvements:

  1. repair church roof
  2. paint sanctuary, lower hallway and stairwells leading to baptismal pool
  3. decorate baptismal wall
  4. purchase large video screens and necessary equipment to allow for video projection in sanctuary
  5. purchase pulpit furniture
  6. upgrade website
  7. install communication system
  8. replace church office carpet and ceiling tiles at Activity Center
  9. replace carpet upstairs in church
  10. redecorate church foyer

If each of us does our part, we can make this happen!

With God, all things are possible!