The Men Who Made Us The Men We Are

The month of June is MEN’S MONTH at GCBC. We focus on men being involved in the ministry and the necessity of strengthening our relationship with God and our families. For some reason, there is a belief among some that “church ain’t a man’s thang”. This is a lie of the devil. From the beginning God entrusted man with His Word. Whatever has happened to convince men that church is not for them, our job is to destroy that lie, teach the truth, and restore men to their rightful place in God.
We thank the men who are involved in the ministry of GCBC. We are fortunate to have men involved in almost all the ministries of our church. And for those who are not involved, you are encouraged to serve in a ministry. We need more people to do all God has for us to do. So we celebrate you and your contribution.
We also celebrate the men in our background who made us the men we are. It might have been your father, a grandfather, an uncle or just a positive role model who impressed you, or took interest in you. In any case, none of us got to be who we are on our own. We’re taking this time to reflect on those powerful male influences in our background and the contribution they made in helping to make us the men we are.
Often we become so concerned about how challenging our lives are, we fail to think about what a hard time they had. And yet, they took time to direct us, to pour into us so we would have a positive and constructive life.
We thank God for them. If they’re still living, tell them thanks and share with them what they mean to you. Bring them to church and introduce them to us. If they have passed away, thank God for their life & lasting contribution.
Most of all, be the man you can be in Christ. And thank God for those men on whose shoulders we stand.
Be Blessed

Senior Emphasis

Our Senior Emphasis Day is a vital part of the ministry of GCBC.  It is a time we set apart to celebrate life!  Our seniors are role models of successful living, repositories of wisdom, and counselors who can help us avoid some of the pitfalls of this tedious and dangerous journey if we will listen.
Our culture is not senior friendly.  Our culture celebrates youth and riches.  Our culture sees and treats seniors as disposable people who can no longer contribute to society.
God honors older people.  Long life is a gift from God.  Seniors ought be more spiritual than the rest of us because they have had longer to recognize that God is truly in control of everything.
Just because a person has reached a certain age does not mean that they have ceased to be active and vital.
We’re blessed at GCBC to have seniors who contribute to the ministry and who makes our lives rich and meaningful.
May God grant all of us long life and strong faith!
Be Blessed

There is Only One Way to Fail

Life is full of casualties, and contrary to much public conversation, not all of them are the result of having enemies. In most cases, I believe this whole notion that we have “all” these enemies is somewhat exaggerated. There may be a person here or there who, for whatever reason, does not like us and may wish us ill will. But in the main, I don’t believe that everybody is our enemy. In the final analysis, I think that no matter what a person feels or thinks about us, if there is something we really want to accomplish, they can’t stop us.
Unfortunately, I believe that for too many people, we are our own worst enemy. For some reason there is something within our spirit that causes us to do things that undermine our own development and progress. One of the greatest enemies of self fulfillment is fear. Fear has caused more people to become a casualty in life than any other enemy we can name.
Fear creates the image in our head that if we try to fulfill some vision for our life we’re going to fail. Fear makes us doubt our abilities. Fear paralyzes us into inactivity. Fear makes us feel overwhelmed. Fear makes us feel burdened and depressed. Fear is the only cause of failure in life.
In Matthew 25, Jesus tells the parable of the talents. He says that a master gave five talents to one person, two to another, and one to another. Those to whom He gave the one buried his talent, earned no reward. He didn’t even try. He used as his excuse for not trying, “I was afraid. . .” (St. Matthew 25:25)
There is only one way to fail in life, and that is by not trying! Trying and not accomplishing what you set out to accomplish is not failure. As Dr. Benjamin Mays put it, “Not accomplishing our goal is not failure. Having no goal to accomplish is failure.” The hymn writer put it this way, “If when you try and fail in your trying; hands sore and scarred from the work you’ve begun. Pick up your cross and run swiftly to meet Him. He’ll understand and say well done.” Just trying earns God’s well done.
There’s only one way to fail, and that’s by not trying! Get off the pity pot. Get up and get back in the fight! TRY!!!!!!!
Be blessed.

Managing God’s Way

One of the reasons we get ourselves into financial and relationship crisis is that we do not manage these aspects of our lives according to God’s Word. Unfortunately, nobody sits us down at any point in our life and says, “This is what God wants you to do with your money; in this kind of relationship, etc.” We are basically indoctrinated to manage our lives based on the values of the world. And the values of the world are in direct contradiction to the values of the Kingdom of God.
As Christ-centered people, however, we are expected to manage our lives God’s way if we expect to reap the benefits of being His disciples. It all begins with a way of thinking. The first mental attitude is that we must acknowledge that God is owner of everything. This is a different way of thinking because the world indoctrinates us to think that we are owners.
The Kingdom of God’s value system says God is owner of everything and He entrusts certain things to us. Our responsibility then is to be a good steward or manager of what God entrusts to us. To know how to manage our lives for God, we need to study His Word. The more we know about His Word, the more we are able to understand His will. Knowing His will helps us to understand how He wants us to manage our lives so they reflect His glory.
In Luke 16:2, Jesus tells a parable in which a steward is called into accountability “. . . give an account of your stewardship. . .”. This is an experience we will all encounter. Whatever God entrusts to us, He is going to hold us accountable for how we lived and used it. God wants us to manage our lives His way.
Be blessed